“A Swift on the Tree of Hope” is the target that the Provincial Prior has within his sights.

A table-top model of a Swift is the Award that would be presented to the Province if it fulfils its aim of raising almost £4000 for the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group.

In January, announcing the launch of the appeal to raise money for the Hospital, RE Kt Dr Paul Calderwood  referred to the excellent Talk given by E Kt Jamie Ingham Clark (available here).

The Swift is a symbol of hope for one of the most troubled areas of the world - as the Talk explains. It is of course also an area intimately bound up in the history of the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller. 

All members of the province are urged to see if their Preceptory can increase its support for this wonderful hospital over the coming year and help us as in Monmouth and South Wales to achieve the distinction of receiving a model of the Swift.

A swift on the tree of hope which includes a Large table top swift

and a wall of fame entry in Jerusalem         £3,950


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