Regalia can be purchased from most Masonic suppliers - including many who are online. In addition, the Province of Monmouth and South Wales operates a pre-owned regalia service which enables brethren to purchase items at greatly reduced prices. For more information, please contact the Provincial Warden of Regalia who would be delighted to assist.

Regalia can also be obtained from the Bridgend Regalia Exchange.


Knight Templar

KT Regalia

The regalia of this Order is most impressive and comprises:

  • Tunic
  • Mantle
  • Cap with Cross
  • Cross Breast Jewel
  • Star Breast Jewel
  • Black Sash
  • Gloves or Gauntlets
  • Leather Belt and Frog
  • Sword and Scabbard
  • Carry Case (to carry your regalia in) [optional]

The mantle is made of white material with a silk-lined hood and tasselled cords, having a red Cross Patée below the left shoulder.

The tunic is of matching material being at least knee-length, with a Latin Cross in red that extends over the full length of the front.

The cap is made of red velvet, three inches deep with a silver Cross Patée on the front.

The sash is made of black watered silk, four inches wide with a black silk fringe, and has a silver knot at the point.

The breast jewel worn by a Knight consists of a red enamelled gilt Cross Patée worn on the left breast suspended from a white-edged red ribbon. Beside it is worn a seven-pointed star made of silver-coloured metal with – at its centre - a Passion Cross of red enamel on a white background girded with a black garter bearing the inscription 'In Hoc Signo Vinces’.

The sword should be of a straight design with a straight cross hilt and it is usually worn from a frog attached to a leather belt with a metal-tongued leather belt. Black gloves or gauntlets are also worn.


Knight of Malta

Malta Regalia



Many Knights wear their Templar regalia at Malta meetings. However, for those who do wear the very colourful Malta regalia, this consists of:

  • Tunic
  • Mantle
  • Cap with Malta Cross
  • Cross Breast Jewel
  • Gloves or Gauntlets
  • Leather Belt and Frog
  • Sword with Scabbard
  • Carry Case (to carry your regalia around in) [optional]

The Tunic should be of red material, colour Peony Red, long enough to cover the knees: fastened at the back; on the breast a white Maltese Cross, 14 inches high and wide.

The Mantle should be of black material, long enough to completely cover the Tunic; with a hood of the same material lined with white silk; a white silken cord around the neck, on the left arm a white Maltese Cross as before.

The black velvet cap bears a white enamelled Maltese Cross of metal gilt at the front.

The breast jewel consists of a gilt Maltese Cross, with silver-coloured lions between the arms, and it is worn on the left breast suspended by a silver bow from a black ribbon and gilt bar.

The belt, sword and gloves are similar to those of a Knight Templar but no sash is worn.

More detailed information can be found in the very helpful book by Keith B Jackson under the title 'Beyond the Craft'.