Appointments and Celebrations in London

Great Priory Meeting

Wales was well represented at the Meeting of Great Priory, which was held at Freemasons’ Hall in London in May.

Two of our members were re-appointed to Active Rank and four new Great Officers were appointed.

It was a matter of great pride to see R.E.Kt. Revd. Malcolm Lane and R.E. Kt. Ryan Williams re-appointed as Great Prelate and Great Vice-Chancellor.

Many Knights from Wales travelled to London to applaud the splendid news and celebrate the following First Appointments:

E.Kt. Anthony Baker P.Gt. A. de C., E Kt. Thomas Richard Eirian Jones P.Gt. A. de C., E.Kt. Timothy Clark P. Gt. W. of R., and E.Kt. Michael Hopkins P. Gt. W. of R.

The members of the Province extend their heartiest congratulations to these distinguished Knights whose outstanding service to the United Orders was recognised.