Morganwg Preceptory № 200

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Date of Warrant:

Consecrated in Cardiff on Thursday 28th January 1914 under the then-named Provincial Priory of Somerset, Monmouth and South Wales. The Consecrating Officer was the Most Excellent and Supreme Grand Master His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught and Strathearne. The Provincial Prior of Somerset, Monmouth and South Wales Bro. Col. Alfred Thrale Perkins C.B. K.C.T was installed as the first Preceptor of the Preceptory of Morganwg.

Initially the Preceptory met on the fourth Wednesday in November and fourth Wednesday in May. Over the decades it has moved it meeting dates a few times. The last change was in 2001 when it changed from 4th Friday in November and third Wednesday in May to fourth Friday in October and fourth Wednesday in June.

Morgannwg is the Welsh for Glamorgan. It was suggested in 1937 that the name be corrected, but it didn’t happen.

It met in Cardiff Masonic Hall until 1999 when it moved and now meets at Penarth Masonic Hall.

Meeting on

4th Friday in October, 4th Wednesday in June (Inst.)

Upcoming meetings

Friday 25th October 2024
Wednesday 25th June 2025 (Installation)